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Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy (Applied Pharmacoeconomics)


Pharmacoeconomics is a scientific field that evaluates and compares the value of one drug or therapy to another. Pharmacoeconomic studies serve to guide optimal healthcare resource allocation, in a standardized and scientifically grounded manner. In this track, students will learn to critique and apply pharmacoeconomic methodologies involving cost minimization, cost effectiveness, cost utility, and cost benefit to improve clinical decision making. Graduates of the program may participate in a team effort to design and evaluate interventions to improve clinical, economic and humanistic outcomes within a health system.

Program: Graduate Certificate (Certificate) Length: 15 Credits, 1 year
Delivery: Web Requirements: Computer Requirements
College: The College of Pharmacy
Department: Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
Admissions: Admissions Information
Assistant Program Director
tel: 352-273-8691
Dept. of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy
Online MSPharm – POP
PO Box 100496
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32610

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