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Aquatic animal medicine is a young specialty of veterinary medicine that includes medical care of marine mammals, seabirds, sea turtles, fishes and aquatic invertebrates. There are broad sub-specialties within aquatic medicine which include care of captive marine mammals, care of pet fishes, zoo and aquarium species, aquaculture medicine, and clinical research involving free-ranging aquatic species. Specialty training incorporates aspects of clinical medicine, wildlife health, environmental science and engineering.

Our Distance Learning Program in Aquatic Animal Health is relatively new and new courses will continue to be added over the next several years. Most of these courses are available in slightly different formats to accomodate undergraduate, graduate, and veterinary students as well as for continuing education (CE) for veterinarians, aquarists, biologists, or post-baccalaureates interested in graduate school. Undergraduate and graduate students in our courses are often Animal Science, Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences, Marine Biology, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, or Zoology majors. Many of the undergraduate students are on a pre-veterinary medicine track.

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Heather Maness
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