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Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning - Sustainability


The University of Florida’s online Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning program is designed to empower planning professionals with the practical knowledge to make more resourceful and long-term decisions, to find the balance between protection and change in their projects, to improve overall quality of life, and to apply new technologies.

Through a robust curriculum and contextual projects based on current real-world planning issues, this distinctive program prepares graduates to practice in both private and public agencies. Using the latest technologies and strategies in urban and regional planning, you will have the opportunity to learn to resourcefully address issues in sustainability and the implementation of planning technology both domestically and abroad.

Sustainability Concentration
As our world addresses the depletion of natural resources and the need to protect our environment, sustainability has become a major component of all development plans. The Sustainability specialization will help you extend the positive impact you can have as a planner and diversify your skill set through classes in environmental land use planning, international development, sustainable communities, and more.

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College: The College of Design, Construction and Planning
Department: Urban and Regional Planning
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Paul Donaldson
tel: 877-531-9964 ext. 355
Design, Construction and Planning
M.E. Rinker Sr. School of Building Construction
PO Box 115703
University of Florida
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