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Graduate Certificate in Energy - Wind Turbines


The online delivered Energy Certificate is a 3 course offering designed for engineers wishing to continue their education with certification in Energy; with specializations available in: Solar Energy, Wind Turbines, Gas Turbines, or Energy Management.

The Wind Turbines certificate is designed to prepare for careers related to wind turbine technologies. Areas of emphasis include energy conversion, unusual energy environments, thermionic and thermoelectrical conversion, airfoil design, stress analysis, performance metrics, wind turbine airfoil design and analysis, structural composites for aerodynamic structures, fatigue life, and structural design.

Program: Certificate (Graduate) Length: 3 courses (9 credits)
Delivery: Web Requirements: Locational - Worldwide Online Delivery
Computer Requirements
College: The College of Engineering
Department: UF EDGE
Admissions: Students can begin any semester Fall, Spring, and Summer. Admissions Information
Prerequisites: Complete BS degree in Engineering, with minimum undergraduate GPA 3.0
Program Assistant
tel: 352-392-9670
PO Box 116100
109 CSE
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-6250

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