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Graduate Courses in Engineering

UF's College of Engineering has been providing lifelong learning for the practicing engineer since 1964. We began as the UF GENESYS (Graduate Engineering Education System) in 1964, providing live broadcast engineering education from the University of Florida to select Florida cities. Since 1964 we have evolved with educational technologies and delivery to our present day UF EDGE program which provides worldwide, online delivery of high quality, downloadable course lectures from our UF research active engineering professors.

Courses taught by UF faculty are recorded in studio classrooms, and posted online as high quality videos the same day taught on-campus. As an EDGE student, you can access these lectures anywhere, anytime - whatever is convenient for your schedule. Lectures are accessible for the entire semester, allowing you a chance to review a complex lesson or prepare for exams. Course assignments are submitted electronically, and any course exams are proctored local to where you live or work and are emailed or faxed in for grading.

Program: Courses (Graduate) Length:
Delivery: Web Requirements: Locational - Worldwide Online Delivery
Computer Requirements
College: The College of Engineering
Department: UF EDGE
Admissions: Students can begin any semester Fall, Spring, and Summer. Admissions Information
Prerequisites: Complete BS degree in Engineering, with minimum undergraduate GPA 3.0
Program Assistant
tel: 352-392-9670
PO Box 116100
109 CSE
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-6250

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