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Graduate Certificate in Control Systems


The University of Florida's College of Engineering is offering a Controls Systems Certificate for engineers and students worldwide to continue their controls education online through the UF EDGE Program. This certificate program is designed for engineers in industry and the military, as well as engineering students worldwide as a multidisciplinary curriculum with both practical insights and theoretical foundations.

The Control Systems certificate is designed to prepare for careers related to control systems technologies. Courses cover a review of advanced control engineering concepts, such as the state-space representation of dynamic systems. It also discuss advanced analytical techniques including linear, optimal, and nonlinear controldesign methodologies, state and parameter estimation, as well as robust and adaptive control synthesis.

Program: Certificate (Graduate) Length: 3 courses (9 credits)
Delivery: Web Requirements: Locational - Worldwide Online Delivery
Computer Requirements
College: The College of Engineering
Department: UF EDGE
Admissions: Students can begin any semester Fall, Spring, and Summer. Admissions Information
Prerequisites: Complete BS degree in Engineering, with minimum undergraduate GPA 3.0
Program Assistant
tel: 352-392-9670
PO Box 116100
109 CSE
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-6250

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