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Graduate Certificate in Wetland and Water Resource Management


Water is critical to sustain life, agricultural production and preservation of natural ecosystems such as wetlands. Understanding the hydrologic cycle, soil-water interactions, and how anthropogenic activities influence water balance and quality is essential for sustainable water resource management. Wetland management generally involves activities that can be conducted within, and around wetlands, both natural and man-made (constructed), to protect, restore, manipulate, or provide for their functions and values. To reduce wetland losses, improve and preserve soil and water quality of wetlands requires knowledge on wetland biogeochemistry. Assessment of ecological indicators is critical to optimize management of wetland ecosystems.

Program: Graduate Certificate (Certificate) Length: 12 Credits
Delivery: Web Requirements: Computer Requirements
College: The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Department: Soil and Water Science
Admissions: Complete application form and cv/resume for certificate program and if non-UF student, also complete online non-degree application one month prior to the start of semester, (January, May, August). Note: The online non-degree application has to be completed each semester you want to take courses at UF. Admissions Information
Prerequisites: Bachelors degree
Distance Education Program Assistant
tel: (352) 294-3152
fax: (352) 392-3399
Agricultural and Life Sciences
CALS/IFAS Distance Education Program
Soil and Water Science
2181 McCarty Hall A
PO Box 110290
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-0290

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