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VME 6766

  (Section: 4140) Term:  Spring

Laboratory Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Every graduate entering a career in an analytical, forensic, clinical, manufacturing or research facility will have to abide by some type of quality assurance program. This course teaches the key components of QA/QC and will help students to understand the need to produce sound scientific data using appropriate standards and controls, written procedures and method validation no matter what field they are employed in. This course will offer a generic description of what is required in the formation of a quality system in any laboratory. This will be achieved by describing the key principles in any QA/QC program with reference to the FDA, EPA and ISO guidelines, together with specific examples from different specializations in those particular fields.

**Current UF students should contact the forensic science coordinator (listed below) before registering for this course.
Delivery: Web Course Type: Graduate, 3 credit hours
College: The College of Medicine Department: Forensic Sciences
Registration: May 1 - August 29, 2009  Registration information
Course Session: August 24 - December 18, 2009
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The College of Medicine
Forensic Science Programs
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